7 July 4th Deals From Amazon For Your Home

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Amazon really came through with some good 4th of July sales. Though there hasn’t been much released about pricing for Amazon Prime Day I do think that some of these sale prices may be better than what we’ll see for Prime Day. Check out some of my favorite sale finds.

  1. Hisense 50-inch ULED U6HF Series Quantum Dot QLED 4K UHD Smart Fire TV: Who doesn’t love a good TV deal. This 50-inch TV is too good of a deal to pass up for the price; especially with the Amazon Fire capabilities already included.
  2. As someone who recently adopted a cat, air purifiers have been a must in my home. They’ve helped tremendously with the odors from their litter boxes. I’ve overall noticed a positive difference in the air quality within my home. These Shark Air Purifiers are a great value considering you’re getting two.
  3. The Shark Robot Vacuum is a must for those with busy lifestyles or just great for those of us who hate vacuuming (like myself). This one is especially made for homes with pets and with the extra-large base it can hold up to 60 days’ worth of dirt and debris. If you’ve been looking to purchase a robot vacuum this is the time to do it.
  4. I’ve seen this mop and bucket set all over TikTok. For one, the quality of the mop is great (just look at the reviews) and because of the make of the mop, I use it not only to mop my floors but also have used it to clean my walls (which is something I didn’t know I needed to be doing until TikTok). Due to how lightweight everything is this combo is great for someone who likes to mop part or all of their home every day.
  5. Corelle Stoneware 16-Pc Dinnerware Set: I recently purchased a new dinnerware set and wish I would have waited to purchase this set. Less than $50 for a new dinnerware set is such a steal and I may have to pick up this set before the sale ends!
  6. With many of us still working from home a comfortable and ergonomic workspace is necessary. Before moving to a work from home model, I honestly didn’t even know what an ergonomic chair was, however, after reading up on them and purchasing one I’ve seen a major improvement in my overall well-being. My back pain has lessened and I don’t feel as much discomfort when I’m sitting down working. If you’re looking to try out an ergonomic chair or even looking to upgrade, you’re current one check this one out.
  7. LG CordZero Cordless Stick Vacuum Cleaner: I ditched all corded vacuums about 2 years ago and definitely don’t regret my decision. Overall, a cordless vacuum for me makes vacuuming more enjoyable and with a cordless vacuum it’s easier to get those hard-to-reach places. Lately, I seen a lot of people talking about the LG cordless vacuums and if I’m being honest, I think that LG is rivaling Dyson for the top spot when it comes to the best cordless vacuum

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